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We have so many water pipe choices to fit your smoking needs!

There are also tons of accessories for your glass water pipes in here such as slides, bowls, downstems, screens, ash-catchers, oil rigs, concentrate adapters, and so much more.

Are you looking for something with peculators? We also have them with multiple peculators. Some have tree perks and some have dome perks. And if that's not enough for you, feel free to add on an ash catcher for even more smoothness! Most of them also have ice pinches to keep your smoke nice and cool!

We also carry silicone pipes for those of you with clumsy fingers! These silicone water pipes are very easy to clean. You can even stick them in the freezer and crack out all the frozen material so it can slide right out!

Most of the smaller water bubblers we carry are locally made by some amazing glass artists! We have some of the coolest artists come through that we love to support. 

If you are looking for something a little on the cheaper side, we also have acrylic water pipes with metal bowls.

Your local Murfreesboro, TN record store and smoke shop!