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We keep an array of vaporizers and batteries in stock!

Some of the vape brands we carry include Pulsar, Yocan, O.pen, Ooze, and more!

The Ooze Twist Slim vape pen is one of our most popular choices! Just use the dial on the bottom to adjust your voltage settings 3.3V - 4.8V. It has a 510 thread and auto shutoff to preserve the battery! The Ooze vaporizer comes in so many fun colors too!

The O.pen 2.0 vape pen is great because it has an auto-draw feature! If you don't want to bother with hitting a button when you take a draw off your vape, then this is the pen for you! This vaporizer has four heat settings from a very mellow 2.4V - 4.0V. Great for wax and liquid and we have a lot of colors in stock!

Our Pulsar APX's are one of our best sellers when it comes to an all-encompassing vaporizer! We have them for wax and herb!

The dry herb APX comes with a ceramic chamber, a temperature range of 356-428 Degrees, rapid heat, super airflow, enhanced LED readout, 1.5 hr charge time, 5-click button locking function, and a one year warranty.

The wax APX comes with a triple quartz coil, pure quartz chamber, 5-click button locking function, 1.5hr charge time, powerful 1100mAh battery, and a one year warranty.

Some of our other great sellers include the Yocan vaporizer brand!

We carry the Evolve C for concentrates or wax and the Evolve D  or Evolve D Plus for herb.

The Evolve C is great because it has two atomizers, one for juice and one for concentrates. It also comes with a vape tool! The glass tank is covered by a metal sleeve and they come in an assortment of colors.

The Evolve D is for dry herb and it comes with a cleaning brush, an extra coil, and heats up instantly!

The Evolve D Plus for herb has a little more bang for your buck including a storage container at the bottom of the pen! It also features a huge capacity chamber, extra coil and cleaning brush, and a larger battery than the standard. 

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