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We have a wide range of smoking accessories to accommodate your needs!  

Are you in the market for some rolling papers? If so, we've got you covered with our wide selection of brands! We also have cones and wraps for your smoking pleasure.

Some of the rolling paper brands we carry include, but not limited to,

Zig Zag, Rizla, JOB, Juicy, Raw, Joker, Elements, Randys, Top, and more! Come in to find the perfect paper for you. They are arranged by type of rolling paper and brand.

Raw is the brand we carry for cones, and we have them in king size and 1.25.

If you are looking for wraps, we have many flavors in which to choose! 

If you are looking for an assortment of lighters, we got you! We carry lots of zippos, torch lighters, and regular lighters like bic and clipper brand.

Our favorite brand of torch lighters is Scorch Torch of course. Does that light your fire?

Scorch Torches have adjustable flames and can be refilled with butane. And the rhymes keep on coming folks! We carry smaller torches about the size of a zippo, to much larger ones you can really wrap your hands around.

Might you be looking for a fancy and fun zippo? Well, we have them in so many different deigns! Some even feature your favorite bands on them. These refillable zippos are the real deal and can make a great gift for the special someone in your life.

If you are looking for a more economical option for a lighter that is also refillable, we do now carry clipper brand in lots of colors. If that doesn't strike your fancy, we also carry Bic Lighters in lots of fun designs and colors!

We have Lucienne and Special Blue butane to refill those torch lighters. If you want to refill your zippo, which why wouldn't you, we also carry zippo fluid.

Do you need products to clean your much loved pipes? We have Zen brand pipe cleaners in bristled and soft. If you are looking for a liquid cleaner, we sell almost every formula 420 for every need whether its for oil, glass, acrylic, metal, etc.

If you are looking for other tobacco accessories such as rolling trays, hempwick, silicone containers, stink sacks, and glass jars, we have those too and much more!

Our line of rolling trays is so much fun! We try to keep an array of styles on hand to fit your unique tastes.

We also keep some small and large silicone containers on hand to easily store your CBD wax and oils.

Looking for a great product to grind up all your tobacco and kitchen spices? We have lots of grinders at all different price points starting at our lower end acrylic grinders and going all the way up to Space Case grinders.

The grinders come in 2-part to 4-part with some having screens and a storage area to collect the smaller pieces.

The most popular ones we carry are called Aerospaced! Come see what we have in store!

We have nectar collectors here if you are in need of such a wonderful item! We have them in silicone for you #bullsinthechinashops type, glass for a more traditional option, and a few wooden ones.

They come in various sizes and you can also swap out the tips to quartz, glass, or metal.  We carry Honey Dabber, Pulsar, and locally made glass ones! Come see!

Your local Murfreesboro, TN record store and smoke shop!