• Laura Bielaczyc

The A-Frame

Check out this old picture of the store we found!

Oh the memories... well actually everyone else's memories. I can't tell you how excited I was to finally see the original Century 21 store! So many people come into the shop and talk about this elusive building that I never got to see with my own eyes. Unfortunately, I think it was torn down. It must have been quite the shop though to leave such a vivid impression on our long-time customers.

I believe it started out as a record store and gift shop upon first opening. It went through its music heyday with vinyl and slowly evolved through the decades as new devices changed how we listen to music, until one day all the records got boxed up. Who could have guessed that all these years later we'd be unboxing them right back onto the shelves! I guess its a good thing our father couldn't ever throw anything out!

Today we have thousands of new and used records for you to come and flip through in one half of our store. The other half is dedicated to tons of local art, incense, smoking accessories, and much more. Come in for a visit because you never know what little gems you may find, just like this photo.


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