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Come in and check out our amazing selection of incense!

We carry the most popular brands like

 Gonesh, Wildberry and Nag Champa!

We also carry a selection of other fine smelling things like Gypsy rose, Auric Blends, Wildberry, and Spiritual Sky body oils. 

You can also smell up your rooms with our delicious Gonesh room spray in a variety of fun flavors!

And if you need to take the stink out of your room, try our DipLite smoke eater candles in some great scents like patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine, or mulberry. We also have odor neutralizing smokers votive candles.

Our oils can be used for environmental and body scenting! We have all the fun scents like patchouli, jasmine, nag champa, Egyptian goddess, amber, lavender, sandalwood, and many more!

Your local Murfreesboro, TN record store and smoke shop!