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Check out our collection of Gypsy Rose clothing, tye-dye T-shirts by Pieceful Worlds, and other unique hand-picked items! 

Did you know secret safes make a great gift too! Do you or your friends need to hide your fortune in several small and inconspicuous items like a WD-40 container, coke can, or hair brush? Well, we have a lot to look at like our popular Break Parts cleaner safe, or the pringles can safe that actually has real chips inside! You never know what safe cans we'll have in store for you! Come see!

Maybe you are searching for your next fun project to learn? How about trying out our hemp twine to see what kind of fun jewelry you can make!

We also carry items like wall-hangings, tapestries, posters, incense holders, and candles if you need to redecorate your space!


We carry a selection of kitchen scales both large and handheld to keep you weighing everything in your kitchen correctly! US Balance is our number one trusted scales brand. So come on in and "weigh" your scale options, see what I did there.

Glass drinking straws are a great replacement for those awful plastic straws that are polluting our environment!